Zion Nat Park

My horse for the trip:

BMW R1200GS - Rental from Eagle Rider.

A more agile version of teh R1200GS Adventure - an old trusted friend :-) ...


Trip Statistics at the end of day 20 and the end of my adventure

Tour Distance: 423mls (265km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 9h15m

Total liters of Fuel used: Who cares

Average fuel consumption: If you hit 200km/h more than once - fule consumption is not a concern :-)


Sa 15 March 2014 - Las Vegas to Zion National Park

Hit the road at 10:30 driving on the 215 South through Henderson and enter the Lake Mead State Park. Riding along the scenic 169 joining the Interstate 15 heading North-East towards St George. After refueling (the R1200GS does not have the range I am used to in the Adventure) continuing journey making a right on Highway 9 to Springdale. Just before entering Springdale you pass "Majestic View Lodge" and true to it name - the VIEW IS MAJESTIC - see pictures below...

It was obviously a weekend as the streets were packed with people and cars. Just out of Springdale you enter the Zion National Park. Entry fee of $12 per motorcyle and entry is valid for a week.

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