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Day 2 - 22 June 2012

Day 2 – Friday 22 June 2012

Route: Driving from Hook of Holland in The Netherlands to Eindhoven. After visiting the TIS office continue East into Germany to Dortmund.

Departure Time: 08:30

Arrival Time at Dortmund: 18:51  

Time in the Saddle: 5h08m

Day Distance:  192mi (309km)   

Tour Distance to Date: 290mi (466km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 7h33m

Cleared passport control at Hook of Holland at 08:30 and drove to Kinderdijk to view and take picture of the famous windmills. From Kinderdijk to Eindhoven and arrived in the TIS office at 12:21. A very strong and gustily wind from the south was making riding conditions difficult. Marco has arranged lunch with the team and I used the opporunity to give them an update on the progress at CTS. Work done, I departed from Eindhoven at 16:30 riding east towards Germany. About 168km from Eindhoven is Dortmund and I pitched camp for the night. I met two couples from Newcastle, UK who have been touring through Europe on their motorcycles for the past two weeks and reflect over the days activities with them over a cold local beer “Warfteiner”.Supper was a “Schweinesteak”, chips, yoghurt mixed salad and a beer served in the local pub “Haus Weitkamp” – fabulously good!

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