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NC500 Day 6 - Wednesday 28 June 2017

Day 6 - Wednesday 28 June 2017

Route: Driving from Overscaig to Garve 

Departure Time from Overscaig: 09:55 

Arrival Time at Grave: 18:05

Time in the Saddle:.6h10m

Day Distance:  127mls (203km)  

Tour Distance to Date: 1132mls (1822.2km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 34h45m

Evening Venue: Inchbae Lodge, By Garve, Garve, IV23 2PH

Back tracking from Overcaig House to the NC500 route - we head for the fishing village, Scourie for some fishing... The sun is hining and temperature well into the 20s was expected - a perfect summer's day in Scotland.

Clashnessie beach was a welcome stop and we took a long stroll - bike gear and all. In Lochinver we found some really fresh seafood whcih we put put on the braai on Inverkirkaig beach.

We left the NC500 route again after Ullapoo and head inland to Inchbae Lodge for the night.


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