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NC500 Day 1 - 23 June 2017

Day 1 - Friday 23 June 2017

Route: Driving from Aldershot (HOME) to Penrith in the Lake District

Departure Time from Home: 10:30

Arrival Time at Penrith: 17:10 

Time in the Saddle: 05h40m

Day Distance:  321mls (499km)  

Tour Distance to Date: .321mls (499km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 05h40m

Evening Venue: Foundry 34 - 34 Burrowgate, Penrith, CA11 7TA


Everything was packed and I was ready to go at 10:30. The day turned out to be full of traffic... Taking the M1 instead of M6 North turned up 4 higway accidents with traffic, as usual, piling up for miles in both directions! Riding high-ways does help to cover the long distances to get to your touring location faster - but is really not very eventful riding. Engaging ipod mode is essential while the Beamer eat up the miles

Light rain in the last 10mls before Penrith. I found parking for the bike on the side road next to the hotel - Foundry 34. Room 2 was allocated and turned out to be directly above the bike parking.

The hotel brasserie was lively with locals and travellers reflecting on the day over a drink and a nice meal - this is the way to start the weekend. I indulged in a Swan Blonde - a Lake District brewed ale - while updating the blog. Supper was started with "Duck Liver Parfait" with "Rolled Lamb Shoulder" for mains.



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