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Packing List


Motorcycle   Tools   Medicine/First Aid   Toiletries   Equipment  
Bike Cover   Tyre Patch kit   Antihistamines   Toilet Paper   Sunglasses  
Riding Boots   Spare bulbs   Prep   Tooth Brush   Backpack  
Bungee Cords   Toolkit   Geelsalf   Tooth paste   Reading Glasses  
Cargo Net   Windshield cleaner   Insect Repellant   Shower Gel   Black Bags  
Earplugs   Cable Ties   Space Blanket   Deodarant      
Gloves & spare   Duct Tape   Snake bite kit   Nail Clippers      
Helmet   Isolation Tape   Pain relief   Shaver   Binoculars  
Jacket   Electric wire       Shaving Gel   Camera  
Pants   Rubber Bands       Towel   Mobile phone  
Leatherman   Super Glue       Sunscreen   Chargers  
Lock/Chain Security   Sewing Kit       Vitamines   Laptop  
Rain Gear   Cord/String       Lip Ice   iPad  
Panniers   Fuses           Flashlight  
Tankbag   Test light           Tent light  
Scarf/Cool Tie   Oil spray/lube           Headlamp Petzil  
GPS               Batteries  
MP3 Player                  
Splash Bags                  
Security Mesh                  
Fuel bottles                  


Clothes   Documentation   Cooking   Camping   Food  
Underware   Passport   Gas stofe   Tent   Coffee  
Shorts   Bike Registration Papers   Pot/Pans   Sleeping Bag   Suger  
Shirts   Copies of all docs   Plates   Mattress   Milk  
Strops   Maps   Cutlery   Candles   Mix Drinks  
Socks   Membership Cards   Knife   Ground Sheet   Rum/Scotch  
PoloFleece   Drivers License   Can opener   Hunting Knife   Salt & Pepper & Spices  
Track Suite   Diary/Notebook   Dish Soap   Panga   Creamer  
Jeans   Pens   Zim   Lantern      
Sneakers   Cash (currencies)   Cup   Matches      
Hat   Insurance   Dish towel   Lighter      
Drymac   Phone list   Cork Screw   Spare gas      
T-Shirts   Rooster   Coffee Pot   Water bottle      
Thermals   Passport Photos   Grill/BBQ   Pillow      
Swim trunks   Travel Guides   Clothing soap          
Laundery bag   Credit Cards              
Beeny   Reading books & Mags              


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