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Day 17 - 7 July 2012

Day 17 - Saturday 7 July 2012

Route: From Venice to Pisa in Italy

Departure Time: 08:50

Arrival Time: 15:39

Time in the Saddle: 6h:49m

Day Distance: 224mls (361km) 

Tour Distance to Date: 3628mls (5841km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 91h40m

From Venice I head for Bologna and then changed plans to get off the motorway and ride through the mountains. I chose a route that, to my delight, was a fantastic ride with constantly curving roads and spectacular views climing to above 1200m. The road was curving left, right, left, right, at such a frequency that you could only manage a top speed of 65km/h between the bends - fabulous ride!! I drove through beautiful little villages in the Italian mountains like "Borgo a Mozzano" where a very peculiar bridge (like a scene from 'Lord of the Rings'), made me pull off the road to take pictures - The bridge is named "Devils Bridge". 
Arriving in Pisa, I took a chance to find a room at the Grand Hotel Duomo and was lucky to find a single room. The hotel is less than 100m from the square where the Tower of Pisa and the Cathederal is situated.
The tower is inspiring - it is one of the places I have on my list as a must see (in one life time) and was not disappointed at all. The whole scene is awesome.

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