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Day 10 - 30 June 2012

Day 10 – Saturday 30 June 2012

Route: Sight seeing riding through Bucharest and then to Alexandria, south-west of Bucahrerst for the George and Dorina's wedding.

Departure Time: 10:10

Arrival Time: 15:05

Time in the Saddle: 3h5m

Day Distance:  76mls (122km)

Tour Distance to Date: 2107mls (3363km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 49h28m

Yolandi and I rode through Bucharest to the "People's Palace" sight seeing.

At 13:00 a car picked Yolandi up from the Crowne Plaza hotel and drove her to Alexandria where the wedding of George and Dorina was taking place at 16:30 in the afternoon - I was following on the motorcycle.

We checked into the Rustic Hotel in Alexandria. We had 20minute to shower and get dressed for the wedding ;-) After the church wedding we returned to the Rustic Hotel where the wedding ceremony was held. The party continued through the night but Yolandi and I tucked in for the night at 02:00.

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