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Day 7 - 27 June 2012

Day 7 – Wednesday 27 June 2012

Route: From the Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest in Romania

Departure Time: 12:00

Arrival Time at Crowne Plaza Bucharest: 20:30

Time in the Saddle: 8h30m

Day Distance:  289mls (465km)

Tour Distance to Date: 1679mls (2703km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 39h33m

Seb picked me up from the Opal hotel at about 09:15 and the rest of the morning I spent in the Freshbyte office. After meeting with Mihai, Seb and Cris, I packed the bike and waved the Freshbyte team and Cluj good-bye.

Heading South to Bucharest I passed through towns and villages including Turda, Aiud, Alba Iula, Sebes, Sibiu to Calimanesti. The road snaked through the mountains along river beds and valleys, a really scenic drive. 72km from Bucharest I refueled and, as I started the bike, got the warning light that the headlight has failed. Luckily I could use the auxiliary lights as driving a motorcycle without lights is illegal in Romania.

The path the GPS took me around Bucharest (south bypass) was really bad as the road was heavily congested and partly to completely dug up by road works, although still in use. Dust was thrown up by trucks and approaching traffic while I was stationary or moving at a snail's speed for almost two hours – frustration set in! I changed the GPS destination to the Crowne Plaza Bucharest. The route took me through the centre of Bucharest, a delightful change from the horrible road conditions I was in earlier. At the hotel at 20:30 I was dusty and well worn through. Room service silenced the hunger but I still had to track down a BMW dealership to find a replacement bulb for the headlight. George helped me allocating the BMW Motorrad dealership which was, to my delight, just 2.2km from the hotel. I tucked into crispy clean white linen sheets at about 23:15.

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