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Day 6 - 26 June 2012

Day 6 - Tuesday 26 June 2012

Rest day - No "in the saddle" time today. Instead Sebastian took me to attractions around Cluj with his car.

Route: Cluj (A) > Slina Turda (B) > Gilău Lake/Motel (C) > Tarnita Lake (D) > Cabana Moţilor (E) > Beliş Lake (F) > Huedin Lake (G) > back to Opal Hotel in Cluj.

Driving Distance: 304km

We started with the salt mine in Turda (Salina Turda) about 20km from Cluj. We did a scenic drive through beautiful scenery visiting the lakes and eating great local and traditional food (Cabana Motilor 1250m above sea level) in the Cluj district. Before returning back to Cluj Sebastian sowed me some of the Gypsy houses (mansions) in Huedin. The evening we had supper at Aroma Restaurant.

A very special thank you to Sebastian (@ksebi) who took the time off to show me the wonderful places in the area!

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