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Day 5 - 25 June 2012

Day 5 – Monday 25 June 2012

Route: From the Hortobagyi National Park in Hungary to Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

Departure Time: 08:45

Arrival Time at Freshbyte in Cluj: 15:15  

Time in the Saddle: 4h30m

Day Distance:  167mls (268km)   

Tour Distance to Date: 1390mls (2237km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 31h03m

In Hungary, about 20km before the Romanian border, I overtook a truck that was stationary in the road with road workers doing road maintenance. In overtaking, I had to accelerate up to 70 km/h and out jumped the traffic police! They caught me on radar in a 50km/h zone. After presenting my driver's license and the registration papers of the motorcycle I was lucky to get away with a warning. :-)

Arriving in Cluj I drove straight to the Freshbyte office where Sebastian (@ksebi) and the team gave me a welcome and VIP parking in the office garage. I checked into the Opal Hotel in Cluj. The evening event was BBQ as Cristian's (@phalien) house. Thunderclouds were gathering and showers came down but that did dampen our spirits and didn't stop us from having a "braai"! With a big umbrella at hand we withstood the thundershowers and finished the evening off with "Palinka and Honey" - more than just one ;-) ... Mihai joined us later the envening as he had to work late - as usual :-). With good company and stimulating conversation, the time flew past and before long it was 02:00 in the morning and time to call it day.  

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