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Day 4 - 24 June 2012

Day 4 – Sunday 24 June 2012

Route: From Kratochvil, through Czech Republic, through Slovakia, to the Hortobagyi National Park in Hungary.

Departure Time: 09:10

Arrival Time at Hortobagyi National Park: 18:10  

Time in the Saddle: 9h00m

Day Distance:  401mls (646km)   

Tour Distance to Date: 1223mls (1969km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 26h33m

Starting in Czech Republic driving through a small protion of Slovakia into Hundary. At the Slovakian border you have can ourchase a vignette (road tax) for driving on motor ways - this is not required for motorcycles in Slovakia but is required in Hungary. An intesresting day of riding of which a great paet was off the beaten track through beautiful country side and small villages ending in the World Heritage site of Hortobagyi National Park. I camped for the night at the Puszta campsite in Hortobagy. As it was Sunday I was too late to get any grocey shop open but had supper from left overs of the previous night's "braai". A good night's sleep was welcome.

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