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Day 3 - 23 June 2012

Day 3 – Saturday 23 June 2012

Route: From Dortmund in Germany to a campsite Kratochvil, close to Brno in Czech Republic.

Departure Time: 07:15

Arrival Time at Kratochvil: 17:15  

Time in the Saddle: 10h00m

Day Distance:  532mls (857km)   

Tour Distance to Date: 822mls (1323km)

Tour Time in the Saddle: 17h33m

The owner of Kratochvil, John, is from Holland. We quickly confirmed that him speaking Dutch and me speaking Afrikaans works better than English. His wife fried up some mackerel and invited me to join and enjoy the snack. John runs the holiday resort only during European summer times. In the winter the place is covered in 2m of snow and isolated. John and his wife live in Holland during the winter. His only income is from the hotel and campsite during the summer holiday period of approximately 6 weeks in July/August. The hotel used to be a water mill and John is planning to restore and convert that into a hydro electric station to supply electricity to the national grid earning him 3000 Euro a month. I was the only guest for that night. I drove to the nearby village to bought some supplies for the evening "braai". A beautiful sunset announced the end of a long day.


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